Scott’s Less Famous But Still Tasty Homemade Turkey Noodle Soup

It’s late on Thanksgiving weekend (back to work tomorrow – ugh!) and time to use up some of those turkey leftovers making homemade turkey noodle soup.

Unlike us, braver souls actually make turkey stock from the bird’s carcass on Thanksgiving evening (frankly, we were falling asleep after dinner and struggled to get just some of the dishes cleaned up that night!). But, if you’re looking for that real turkey noodle soup make from real homemade turkey stock, be sure to checkout Elise’s Mom’s Turkey Soup!

In our case, we took the easy way, just slightly modifying our Scott’s Famous Homemade Chicken Soup with Pasta recipe by replacing the chicken with turkey.

In our just made Sunday afternoon version, we also tossed in some left over green beans and sauteed some special cremini mushrooms that we also had left over from the Thanksgiving feast. They all went into the pot.

We also used rotini pasta again – rotini is turning into our favorite pasta in soup for its ability to fit easily into a soup spoon when eating! So much easier to eat than real noodles!

So, that’s it. Our “less famous”, easy homemade turkey noodle soup. Still delicious – and very helpful in cleaning out some of the refrigerated leftovers from Thanksgiving!

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